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July 17, 2013
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SwitzerlandXReader Lilli's Dress
*ding* *dong*
'That must be Lilli.' You padded up to the chestnut-colored door. Upon opening it, you were glomped by an ecstatic Liechtensteinerin. Fortunately, Lilli didn't play rugby league.
"Hallo (Name)!"
You chuckled and patted the younger female on the back. "Hallo, Lilli."
She poked your arm. "Vhy, (Name)! Your arm is so tight! You should eat more!"
You rolled your eyes and ruffled her recently shortened hair.
Lilli pouted and smoothed out her locks. "Big bruder said he vould be vatching out for me, but vhen I turned around at the door of your house, bruder had disappeared!" Her eyes glazed over with tears.
Your eyes widened. "Lilli, I'm sure he's around here somewhere! Maybe he'll show up later."
Lilli sniffled and delicately wiped away the tears brimming in the corner of her eyes and nodded. "Ja, OK."
Vash Zwingli narrowed his eyes at the scene before him. She had made schwester cry! Even if he couldn't hear, it was obvious what had happened. "Vhy did I even let her go to her "friend"'s house?" he grumbled, cocking his pistol.
"Now that I think of it, I haven't seen you in a dress before!" Lilli giggled as your eyes widened and you visibly blanched.
"N-now Lilli! L-l-let's let this wait for another time!"
But Lilli wasn't taking heed of your stuttering plead. Her expression suddenly brightened, and a non-existent light bulb appeared on top of her head.
"Let's svap clothes!"
You sighed as you let the enthusiastic female drag you to your bedroom.
Vash furrowed his brows in confusion. Not being able to hear was a major setback. He made his way, as quietly as he could, to a neighboring tree and looked through the gap between the (Fave Color) satin curtains.
"Your chest is too big, (Name)! That's vhy the dress is shorter vhen you vear it!"
You deadpanned. Lilli may have gotten older, but she was still just as naive.
Vash's face burned a bright red at the scene before him. Partially because of how Lilli now looked like a mini-Vash. But mostly because of how drop-dead gorgeous you looked. You were wearing Lilli's dress, but since your chest was slightly larger than Lilli's, the dress only just covered your posterior.
Lilli squinted her eyes as black dots clouded her vision. 'It's too dark. I should let in some sunlight.' As Lilli flung open the curtains, you were blinded for a Milli-second and dropped your phone, which you had taken out of your pant pocket since those pants now belonged to Lilli. You bent over to pick it up.
"There you are, big bruder! Are you OK? Your face is red." Lilli beamed. Her brain seemed to have omitted the fact that her brother was sitting outside, on a tree branch, staring at a girl in a too short dress. Hm. There was a light thud, and Lilli glanced back to find your posterior in the air. There was a louder thump which came from the front yard. She turned back to her brother, only to find he had disappeared into thin air. With much effort, she pushed the window up and poked her head out. "Big bruder?" She glanced down and found her brother lying in the grass. "Bruder!"
You yelped when you found you were being dragged back down the stairs. Lilli rushed out the door, pulling you out as well. You freed yourself of Lilli's grip and tripped over a body. Wait...a body?!
Scrambling onto your knees, you examined the admittedly handsome man's face. Other than a slight nose bleed and pink cheeks, he looked perfectly fine. Gripping his shoulders, you gave him a good shake.
Vash groggily opened his eyes, but winced when the bright sunlight streamed into his eyes.
"Are you OK?"
Vash quickly turned his head to the source of the unfamiliar voice and found the female in Lilli's dress. He turned crimson and only managed a nod. Grunting and sitting up, he was abruptly tackled back onto the grassy ground.
"Can I come to (Name)'s house again? Please?" Lilli used PUPPY EYES.
Vash groaned and averted his gaze from the shining orbs that flooded him with guilt. "Fine." It's SUPER EFFECTIVE.
Lilli squealed and bounced up and down in childish joy. "Did you hear, (Name)?! Bruder said I can come again!"
You grinned and tousled her hair.
Vash took a deep breath and placed a hand on your shoulder. As you turned to face him, Vash unconciously glanced down at your chest.
"Yes... Vash, right?"
He nodded and handed you a slip of paper. "...C-call me. M-maybe?"
As the two siblings walked off into the sunset, you couldn't help but inwardly squeal and flail about like a demented fan girl, but also snicker at the unintentional song reference.
"Hey, Vash! I just met you and this is crazy! I'll call you maybe!"
~*Extended Ending*~
Vash turned and gave you a questioning look, but you weren't facing him. You were picking up the slip of paper with his phone number on it, your ass held seemingly-proudly in the air.
"Big Bruder!"
Just a little drabble I did.
Switzy needs more love!!!!!!! :iconcryforeverplz:
BTW: I think Liechtensteinerin is like the female version of a person who was born in Liechtenstein?
I dunno. :iconwhateverplz:
Y'all wanted a sequel to my Pirate!England fanfic.
I'm only gonna make it if a lot of people are desperate.
3 people iz not a lot of ppl.
I'm sorry if he was OOC.
I just own the plot.
Again, Vash needs more love!!!!!
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*Lilli slowly raises her hand as Vash glares at her*
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Switzerland had a nosebleed because of me. It a dream come true! *starts humming 'a dream is a wish your heart makes'*
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